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Raleigh Tax AccountantDownload the appropriate Tax Organizer below. Be sure to save the document to your computer before you begin to fill it in electronically.

 2015 Income Tax Preparation Pricing (E-Filing Included):

Basic Personal Return (No business, rental, or significant capital gain/loss activity)
Includes the preparation and e-filing of a federal and a single state return as well as schedules/forms to claim W-2 wages, interest income, child care credits, mortgage interest deductions, property tax deductions, medical deductions, child/dependent care deductions, and most charitable contribution deductions.  Add ~$15 – $25 per additional detailed schedule/form as required.

Add-On Service Fees (if applicable):

Multi-State Return (1 state is already included in the base fee above) $50/Add’l State
Schedule C (Sole-Proprietor, 1099-MISC w/expenses filed, Etc.)
Includes the preparation of Schedule C reflecting income and expenses and accompanying forms/schedules to account for depreciation, amortization, and business use of the home/home office. No additional fee if only 1099-MISC income is included w/o expenses claimed.
$100 min.
Schedule D (Capital Gains and Losses)
First 10 transactions are included in the base fee above at no charge.
$75 min.
Schedule E (Rental Property, Royalties, S-Corporation Income, etc.)
Includes the preparation of Schedule E income and expenses and accompanying forms/schedule to account for depreciation and amortization.
$75 min./type
Health Insurance Reconciliation/Exemption Waivers/Premium Tax Credit Calculations (applies only if not covered for the full year) $50 min.
Non-cash Itemized Deduction (Value $500+) $25
Post- April 18th Deadline Surcharge $75

Our goal is provide high-quality one-on-one service to our clients to help them legally and ethically maximize their refund potential! Each year we strive to keep our pricing structure both simple and affordable.  As such, the pricing structure above should be used as a general guide to approximate tax preparation fees as this list is not all-inclusive of the forms/schedules that may be needed to properly prepare your income tax returns.

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