Tax Credit for Saving!

Did you know that you may be eligible for up to an extra $2,000 in tax credits simply for saving? That’s right! The Savers Credit, also known as the Retirement Savings Credit, applies to certain individuals who contribute to qualified retirement accounts such as a IRAs and 401(k).

 To qualify, you must have been born before January 2, 1992, you cannot be a full-time student, and you cannot be claimed as a dependent on another person’s return. Lastly, your income must fall within the following thresholds which vary with filing statuses:

Filing Status

  • Single, Married Filing Separately, or Qualifying Widow(er) – income cannot exceed $27,750
  • Head of Household – income cannot exceed $41,625
  • Married Filing Jointly – income cannot exceed $55,500

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Source: IRS Website:IRS Tax Tip 2011-36, February 21, 2011



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